Ex wife stress and the government shutdown.

In stressful times like the ones my husband and I are encountering he has a weird habit of being very calm and then exploding. Once he has exploded he is good.

Me, I am a professional worrier. And frankly, going to court in South Carolina about his ex could not come at a worse time. With a government shutdown looming we are concerned about not only his DoD pay but also his disability pay. Yes, USAA is there with a solution, thank God. But I’m still worried about traveling to the East Coast at a time when I want to be squirreling away every penny.

He asks me why I stay…

I stay because we even each other out. He tends to be more laid back in times like these and I tend to be high strung. He allows me to relax a bit and I help him see that it is kind of a big deal.

“There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves.” ~ Frank Herbert.

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