Opportunity is knocking…

I do case management (volunteer) for a national non profit. My husband has the opportunity to get HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) through said non profit for his TBI. Some research says HBOT can also help PTSD.
Last month he refused to consider this treatment. I was very irritated by this because I know so many who have had amazing, life changing results from HBOT treatment.
So, tonight, I was chatting with a close friend who is at the HBOT treatment facility and her son and husband are going through the treatment. I asked a lot of questions and as I asked I told my husband what I was asking and when B replied I told him what she said. At the end of this back and forth he said he would think about applying for HBOT treatment!
My heart soared! Even if he has no miraculous changes at least he will have tried. At least he will never look back and say, “I wish I had tried…”.
Yes, I’m getting ahead of myself but I am SO hopeful that he will apply.
I stay because my husband DOES try. Even just thinking about it is trying.


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