A Memorial Day weekend education

Please keep in mind that this weekend is NOT about your four day weekend, beer or BBQ.
(It is also not thank a Veteran day – that’s in November.)
Memorial Day is just that – a day to remember our fallen Heroes for the ultimate sacrifice that they have made in service to this country and her citizens.
Keep in mind that for many, this is not a “happy” holiday. It is a solemn one.
While the well wishes are (I’m sure) heartfelt, the “happy” is misplaced on a day honoring our dead. Please be sensitive to the fact that you may be wishing widows/widowers, family members and battle buddies of the dead a “happy” day and for them, it is not. It’s a hard day for them.
We have become a society that takes any days off from work as happy and not all are – remember the families of the fallen. Remember the fallen and honor them. Honor their memory.
Never forget their sacrifice.


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