Crazy ex wife drama, continued…

So, October of 2013 we went to South Carolina for court against my husband’s ex wife. She wanted money, which she was not only denied, but she was legally barred from seeking at any point in the future.
Fast forward to May 2014 and the ex had filed for apportionment of my husband’s VA disability. To the tune of about 20k! Most notable about this claim was that it was for the dates that coincided with our marriage. She was asking for money from the date of our marriage forward. It makes no sense but I collected all of the documentation that we’d taken to court and went on to collect further documentation that she, herself, put on to the Internet in the interim.  (She is not especially intelligent.) We took this huge packet to the VSO in Waco and filed our argument as to why she was not legally or morally entitled to his money and we were told that it may take up to a year for a ruling on the claim and that the VA might begin to with hold $500 per month beginning in August anyhow.
For 4 weeks we stressed over the situation and then a letter came in the mail. The VA had ruled as the courts had – that she has zero entitlement to his money due to military service. Incredibly relieved, we notified our attorney in South Carolina of the outcome. Because she’d been legally barred from trying to get his money she was in contempt of court. We await word on what, if anything, will be done about the contempt charge.

He asks me why I stay – I stay because we make a hell of a team and as long as we remember that we are a team we can make it through anything.

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