And just when we thought it was over… She shows her ugly heart again.

After the VA unequivocally denied apportiontment for my husband’s deadbeat ex wife we thought it was over. She’d been denied financial gain on every front possible so we felt there would be no more contact from her.
We were wrong.
While at the VA ten days ago my husband received a Facebook message from his ex. It was entitled,  “My Buckets List Since Robert”. Yes, buckets…
Before I begin, I will warn you that her spelling, grammar and ability to form a coherent sentence are terribly lacking and prone to cause headaches and the need for brain bleaching due to extreme TMI.
This was not so much a bucket list – a list of things you’d like to do – as it was a “this is what I’ve done since I walked away from our marriage” list. I believe it was meant as an attempt to make my husband regret not being with her for all of these events. She *obviously* never knew him at all if she thought any of these items would appeal to his southern Methodist upbringing and mind think.
One of the 22 items was that she’s slept in a coffin and liked it. Best sleep of her life, according to her. Another, she’s had her genitals pierced. (Try getting THAT out of your brain…) Another, she’s had multitudes of sexual partners of both sexes.
She also claims to be a witch (last I checked they called themselves Wicca.), goth and says she would dress as a vampire (including teeth) all the time if it were up to her.
To me, it sounds like a high schooler going through an identity crisis.
There were more disclosures, but I still have the flu and don’t care to attempt to decipher her atrocious spelling and grammar again.
I told my husband to block her on Facebook since she had a 48 hour wait before she could re block him but… he waited too long. So, I expect at least one more tangent from her before he can block her. He has reported her to Facebook as well as to his lawyer and law enforcement here. I don’t know that she’s dangerous but she is deranged and I doubt she will stop on her own.
Honestly, I don’t understand why she is harassing him anyhow. They split in 1998. She’s been remarried since 2001. I don’t get where she is going with all of this. I just wish she’d stop.

He asks me why I stay – I stay, again, because we are a team. We are stronger when we stand together.

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