A sweet family Thanksgiving…

We got the kids (our son and his fiancée) for Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday night they both came over and my son helped me by making hors d’oeuvres while I made pies. We four had dinner together and watched some TV before the kids headed home to bed.
Thanksgiving day I got up and started cooking at about 10 am. The kids got here around 1:30 pm and my future daughter in law helped me finish up, serve and clear.
Dinner was (gasp!) At the dining room table. We never use it for dining. It’s my sewing table an R’s model decal applying table. I grew up hating to eat at the table because my sister picked on me all through the meal. Yesterday, I actually enjoyed sitting around the table. We said grace, talked and laughed. I think I may want to make it happen more often.
My husband,  of course, watched football. My son doesn’t care for it but watched with him anyhow. It was sweet. 🙂
I stay because I love my little family to the moon and back!

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