I thought That I needed to Change…

It’s funny, I’ve gone several different directions with this blog over the years. As a wounded warrior’s wife, why I stay, after wife… Each time I changed tack I felt that I had to “hide” the previous part of the journey because it wasn’t relevant.

Today, I realized that it is *all* relevant. The good, the bad and the incredibly ugly parts of this wounded warrior wife life. So I’ve made the majority of the old posts public again. I have kept two extremely hard posts private while I try to decide if I want to revisit those terrible days. Self preservation is, after all, a part of this journey.

Anyhow, I realized that all parts of this journey are important. Even those that only apply to me. A hazard of caregiving is losing your identity – I’ve definitely done that a time or two! As I’ve found my Tribe, and as my husband’s TBI has gotten worse, I’ve begun to take care of me. I can’t help anyone if I can’t help myself, after all. At times this blog may feel all over the place, but trust me, it’s all a part of the journey.


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