To the folks who #dontgetit

To the people behind R and I in the line at the Grab N Go, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I was frantically trying to juggle two salad containers, two burger containers, two fruit cups, two drinks and four salad dressing cups. I’m sorry that my husband did not see you (he has one eye) and bumped in to you. I’m sorry that you couldn’t see that R and I are both tired and stressed and that your sighing loudly and grumbling at us (R was on crutches and couldn’t carry anything) didn’t help matters. To the contrary, it made me more anxious and that’s why I dropped the whole kit and caboodle while trying to get my card out of my purse so I could pay. I was trying to hurry so that you wouldn’t be inconvenienced by us. What you missed was that my husband cried today – from pain and frustration and self doubt. I cried, too. Because it breaks my heart when he breaks down. I know you’ll never see this but, in the future, ask that stressed out caregiver if you can help her. Help her carry something, help her set things down before she drops them, help her get it all to the table. At the very least, please don’t sigh and grumble. We know you are busy and that we are slowing you down – you don’t have to remind us of how society sees us. We know.

#caregiver #amputee #slowdown #bekind #lendahand #ableism

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