Staying strong together.

With the government shut down and the looming debt ceiling crisis there has been a lot of stress in our home. The funny thing is that my husband and I stand together and know that however it all plays out we will be okay. We both know that what is most important is getting through … Continue reading Staying strong together.

I stay because I have hope.

I hope that his health will stabilize. I hope that I will regain my ability to let things roll off my back. I hope that the VA will do a better job than they have in the past so that I do not have to fight for decent care for my husband all of the … Continue reading I stay because I have hope.

Ex wife stress and the government shutdown.

In stressful times like the ones my husband and I are encountering he has a weird habit of being very calm and then exploding. Once he has exploded he is good. Me, I am a professional worrier. And frankly, going to court in South Carolina about his ex could not come at a worse time. … Continue reading Ex wife stress and the government shutdown.

When it doesn’t make sense.

Today has been a struggle to remember why I stay. Some days love just isn't enough when PTSD is involved. Loyalty, tenacity and fight are the things that make me stay on days like these. Loyalty because you don't kick someone when they are down. No, he isn't taking care of his mental health right … Continue reading When it doesn’t make sense.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Tonight I decided to change tack on my blogging. You see, I've written a blog as the wife/caregiver of a catastrophically wounded Veteran. Sadly, I felt like my posts tended to be negative. I didn't intend to be negative, I just was. So as I sat here tonight, by myself, I thought, "He always asks … Continue reading Let’s start at the beginning.